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Controls integration

Besides the conveyor hardware, LOGOMAT also offers turn-key solutions for all Conveyor Series available. A turn-key solution includes full controls integration with the hardware, software, piping, and wiring. The performance of an assembly line is directly related to the controls concept and software optimization. Our controls have been optimized to be more efficient and failure resistant. When we first developed a controls concept, no hardware existed which would allow us to have cost effective localized controls at the components. We developed our own ITB controls hardware which we could place throughout a conveyor and would control a component or area and communicate with the other units. This experience helped prepare LOGOMAT for the next step.

As commercially available PLCs have upgraded, we saw the opportunity to source proven equipment with our same basic concept, so we retired the ITB units. With decentralized controls, individual components throughout a system can have preprogrammed controllers which will communicate with a main PLC. This setup reduces the workload of the main PLC while taking advantage of our experience developing and testing programs for our products. 

We have also seen the need to control complete conveyor systems for companies looking for a more simple and cheaper solution for controls. Complete systems use the same PLC, but with additional I/O extension modules throughout the line as needed. These systems will have a program customized to the solution required.

  • NO controls design costs
  • NO piping and wiring costs
  • NO software development
  • A variety of communication interfaces for external machinery
  • Unlimited possibilities for extensions or re-configurations
  • Optimized software package, including emergency recover and start up routines
  • Efficient and smart trafficking
  • Energy saving techniques including shutting off motors until pallets need to transfer

Please contact our Sales Engineering Team for more detailed information about our LOGO!MAT Controls Concept. You will be impressed with the performance and cost saving benefits as a total package for your next conveyor system.

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LOGO!MAT XL - Series: Lift & Locate Unit

LOGO!MAT XL - Series: Lift & Locate Unit

XL Lift  LocateThe LOGO!MAT XL Lift & Locate Unit enables pallet location precisely within ± 0,1 mm in x-, y- and z-direction. The XL Lift & Locate Unit includes a standardized pneumatic cushioned LOGO!MAT XL Stop Unit mounted on the same base plate as the entire Lift & Locate Unit to archieve a defined and set distance between the stop unit and the indexing pins. This allows moving and installing the Lift & Locate Unit easily in almost every location in the entire conveyor system – with no adjustment work involved. Placing this component in an existing conveyor is also no problem and the mechanical work gets completed within less than one hour.

For precision positioning of the pallet, the pallet is stopped above the indexing plate and lifted pneumatically through close tolerance indexing bushings. Two index pins engage into the hardened index bushing on the bottom side of the pallet skid so that the pallet is located and positioned accurately. By actively pushing against a defined hard stop, we archieve additional stiffness for supporting heavy duty pallets while enabling a high degree of accuracy. The standard lift of the pallet is just 3 mm above the roller level, but strokes up to 350 mm can be realized on request.

The LOGO!MAT XL Lift & Locate Unit is always configured for the maximum pallet weight of 600 kg (1.300 lbs.) for the XL Roller Conveyor plus a safety factor; however, operations with a high torque or high forces have to be avoided. In this case, the pallet needs to be supported in a different way.

The operational safety of the LOGO!MAT Lift & Locate Unit can be improved by using an optional separate clamping unit. This unit can also be retrofitted later on. Safety covers are standardized for the mechanics to protect it against dirt or outside influences, or secure it against reaching into. The Lift & Locate Unit is also optionally available with RFID Reader provisions that are designed for read / write operations in all possible station conditions. All sensor brackets are included and sensors or readers can be supplied on request.

The strong and robust LOGO!MAT XL Lift & Locate Unit is an efficient component to equip automatic stations in heavy duty applications.

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