Full access to your part AND the inside of your conveyor

- Remove the Barriers in your workspace with the LOGO!MAT E-CART

E CART Assembly Barrier free E CART Assembly Barrier free sideview

Many assembly processes, especially in engine assembly, require total access to the part by the operator. The part hangs on tooling outside of the actual conveyor so it can be rotated for access to all sides, and supplies need to be readily accessible.

Historically, these applications lead to vertical conveyors where carriers with the parts hang on the side. The vertical support structure creates a wall in the facility, making it impossible for operators to quickly and efficiently get to the opposite side in the event of an emergency or to retrieve supplies.

This leads to cramped, restrictive and inefficient layouts, and wasted work space. Expensive and time consuming solutions are necessary and assembly lines end up being inflexible in their configuration.

KRUPS has the answer to these issues with the LOGO!MAT E-CART and its ability to provide total access to the work piece while allowing easy access through and around the conveyor.

The tip-protected E-CART runs on its low profile, walkable steel track with no barriers between sides. The tooling post is mounted off center towards the operator, allowing complete access to the work piece, and all kinds of features can be applied to the tooling post. Material boxes, parts, tools or other supplies for the operator can hang over the conveyor to be in ergonomic and convenient reach for the operator.

Auxiliary power on each E-CART provides a plethora of advanced possibilities for tooling design and use, as the tooling can be electrically driven, full of sensors or other electric devices to fit your needs.

The flexibility and modularity of the E-CART System and its adaptability eliminates the barriers created by traditional vertical conveyors, and provides endless possibilities to suit whatever your needs may be.

  • Free and flexible routing of the conveyor = low, walkable track frees up work space and removes conveyor layout restrictions associated with large, vertical conveyors
  • Easy and uninhibited accessibility of part AND material supply, as well as work space
  • New driven tooling features for easy movement of work pieces
  • All outstanding E-CART Standard features retained
  • Exceptionally high safety standards and features
  • Cost effective design
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Full electric system

These are just a few key advantages of using the LOGO!MAT E-CART in applications requiring total access to the work piece.

Contact our friendly, experienced Sales Engineer team to quote build possibilities or to get more information on how using state of the art, E-CART conveyance technology can remove the barriers in your work space.