Belt Conveyor Type 10

typ10Due to the belt width of only 18 mm is our mini belt conveyor “Type 10” suitable for the use in areas with space constrains. It is often used as an in-feed and out-feed conveyor for machines. This belt is designed for transporting small parts; the small end roller with just 12 mm in diameter allows a safe delivery of those parts off the conveyor. The entire design is very compact and flexible and the complete drive unit is moveable along the extrusion.



Technology and Versions

  • Compact, precision frame made of anodized aluminum profile; T-slots for easy mounting of accessories on both sides

Belt width:
  • 18 mm

  • Any length available between 300 mm to 2.000 mm

Max. weight support:
  • Up to 10 kg/m, depending on the belt length and width as well as drive speed

Drive speed:
  • 6 m/min
  • 9 m/min
  • 12 m/min
  • 20 m/min
  • optional adjustable with a frequency conveyor

  • AC Drive motor 230/400 V, 50 Hz, safety classes IP54
  • DC Drive motor 24 V
  • The complete drive unit including the drive pulley, belt tensioner and motor is mounted along of the conveyor belt frame which allows to use small end rollers on both belt ends.
  • Since the belt tensioning is included in the drive unit, the distance between the end rollers always remains the same

  • 12 mm diameter end roller
  • Standard redirection in compact design. The small end roller of just 12 mm diameter allows a short transition and therefore a good transition of small parts on and off the conveyor.

Detailed pictures