Rotary Accumulation Tables

Drehtisch UebersichtRotary Accumulation Tables are preferably used to buffer and isolate small rounded symmetrical parts, such as ball bearings, sealing cups as well as bottles or cans. They are very versatile and can be used in many different scopes. If a rotary table gets used as a buffer, the parts fill the table between two workstations or behind a processing machine. The Rotary Accumulation Tables are able to compensate different cycle times of two connected workstations or to isolate and automatically feed-out parts to high volume machinery. Customized baffle plates provide the targeted isolation and the feed-out of buffered parts.


Technical Summary

  • stable precision frame made of anodized aluminum extrusions
  • T-slots in the extrusions allow easy mounting of accessories
  • fixed guide, optional additional openings for in-feed and out-feed
  • adjustable leg supports (+/- 50mm); optional with castor rollers

Plate options:  
  • plastic-coated wooden plate with stainless steel cover
  • solid plastic plate
  • plate build as an oil pan with perforated cover and center drain outlets

  • 700 mm
  • 800 mm
  • 1.000 mm
  • 1.200 mm
  • 1.500 mm
  • 2.000 mm

  • Geared motors for various voltages and frequencies
  • totally enclosed, fan cooled, switch & overload protection upon request
  • adjustable driving force (friction clutch)

Rotational speed:  
  • up to 5 rpm
  • variable upon request

Rotary Accumulation Table - Versions

KRUPS offers eight different standard versions of the Rotary Accumulation Tables - please see the different versions in the overview.

Rotating clockwise:

Rotating counter-clockwise:




See some application pictures and videos of our Rotary Accumulation Tables for a quick overview!