Tooth Belt Conveyors


For transporting bulky items which can also contain parts towering out of the conveyor body (e.g. car bumpers), the versatile Tooth Belt Conveyor made by KRUPS is the perfect fit. The product offers a high flexibility because it can be arranged as single, double or multi track conveyor with just one single drive unit. Due to the flexibility of the arrangements, a transportation of flat objects like glass plates or wooden boards is also possible. Because of the accessibility of the transported parts from the top and the bottom, the Tooth Belt Conveyor is mostly used in assembly lines.


Technology and Versions

Belt width:  
  • 25 mm
  • The belts run in a separate plastic guide

  • Any length abialable between 800 mm and 5.000 mm

Drive speed:  
  • 6 m/min
  • 9 m/min
  • 12 m/min
  • 20 m/min
  • optional adjustable with a frequency converter

  • AC Geared Drive Motor 230/400 v, 50 Hz, safety class IP54

Tooth Belt versions:  
  • Type 25 T10
  • Different belt coatings available

Detailed pictures