LOGO!MAT XL Twin Strand - Series: Conveyor Track


The LOGO!MAT XL Twin Strand Conveyor is based on the LOGO!MAT XL - Series heavy duty aluminum frame. The extrusions are split into a top and bottom rail, which get bolted together via outer steel connector brackets.

The 60 mm stub rollers are driven on both sides and can be installed in either a 136 mm or a 204 mm pitch. The configuration depends on the pallet length. The rollers are supported on both sides which evenly distributes and properly supports the weight without being hard to replace.

Cross shafts every 1.000 - 1.500 mm connect the two sides of the conveyor to make them stiff and rigid. The shafts can be relocated easily in case a component needs to get placed in that area.

Freely moveable leg supports, made from steel or aluminum, support the conveyor sufficiently and allow anchoring the track to the floor. A height adjustment possibility of +/- 50 mm to the defined height is built in.

Speeds of up to 18 m/min are offered; the limit being the safety requirements and the amount of energy created by a fast moving, heavy pallet.