Modular and Steel Track Conveyors

The product of our modular and steel track conveyors ranges from small curved modular track conveyors to a massive heavy duty steel track conveyor. Those conveyors are more robust than belt conveyors; therefore they can be used to carry oily, hot or sharp edged parts. Our small modular track conveyors consist of a stainless steel frame, are suitable to use in the food industry under hygienically conditions, for example as a cooling or buffering section for pastries in an industrial bakery.

Due to their robustness, steel track conveyors are used in production environment where oil or metal chips can soil the conveyor. The drive sprocket prevents a lateral displacement of the modular chain, so it is possible to push on and push off items perpendicular to the running direction of the belt, without dislocating it.

See some application samples of the Modular and Steel Track Conveyor for a quick overview.