Hinged Plate Conveyor Type 120 B

Schanierplattenband Typ 120Our linear, heavy duty Hinged Plate Conveyor “Type 120 B” is able to carry loads up to 50 kg/m. With its warp resistant anodized aluminum frame with a thickness of 120 mm high stability is guaranteed. This system is designed for applications under production environment, like transportation of oily, hot or sharp edged parts. Due to the integrated side rails, the Hinged Plate Conveyor Type 120 B can be used as a feed-off conveyor that carries metal chips or production waste.

Technology and Versions

  • 150 mm to 1.500 mm
  • Available in 50 mm increments

  • Any length available between 400 mm and 6.000 mm

Max. weight support:
  • Up to 50 kg/m, depending on the belt length and width as well as drive speed

Drive speed:
  • 5 - 15 m/min
  • adjustable on request

  • Drive motor 230/400 V, 50Hz, safety class IP54

Chain type:
  • Hardened steel or V2A
  • Pitch 1", 1,5" and 2.5"
  • Available in flat, slotted, pinched, punched, carrier integrated side rails (h = 14 mm)