Modular Track Conveyor Type 160

Modulkettenband Typ 160The linear Modular Track Conveyor „Type 160“ with its plastic chain is available up to a length of 20.000 mm and width of 3.500 mm. The warp resistant anodized aluminum frame with a thickness of 160 mm provides a great stability, which allows the transport of parts up to a weight of 50 kg/m. Different types of chains, the huge variety of conveyor widths and lengths garantuees a high flexibility of the system. The Modular Track Conveyor Type 160 is suitable for horizontal transportation of huge and heavy parts, like containers and mechanical components.


Technology and Versions

  • 150 mm to 3.500 mm
    Available in 50mm increments

  • Any length available between 400 mm and 20.000 mm

Max. weight support:
  • Up to 50 kg/m, depending on the belt length and width as well as drive speed

Drive speed:
  • 5 - 30 m/min
  • adjustable on request

  • Drive motor 230/400 V, 50Hz, safety class IP54

Chain type:
  • POM or PP
  • Available in different varieties depending on the application (e.g. opened, closed, carrier, friction lining, etc.)
  • Qualified for food products (FDA approved)