Maintenance - Service

Maintenance - Service (389)

With an interval of one (1) month the following preservative maintenance should be carried out:
  1. Check all parts for wear and damage.
  2. Visual check of the unit for damages and detection of leaks

The pneumatic installation of the Locate Unit has to be done according to the pneumatic diagram to ensure the correct operations of the unit. The supplied air fittings are designed for 6 mm air tubing. The supplied compressed air must be dried and filtered and the pressure must be set in the defined range.
The index pin home position should be down even if the mechanical spring loaded home position is up. This is done so that in case of a pressure loss all pallets will stop in front of the index pin. The index pin can be used as spring extended or actively, which is recommended to ensure a proper alignment of the pallet even with high loads.
The integrated and installed LOGO!MAT Stop...

The control of the Locate Unit must only be done automatically and should be done according to the following recommendations:
It is a requirement that the spring-loaded index pin home position is pin down (S2 active). That allows the pallet to pass the pin to go into the stop unit. 
Locate Unit with cushioned stop unit:
  1. The pallet hits the cushioned stop unit, gets cushioned and actively pulled into its end position. The pallet is stopped and sensed by the signals (S5 / S3 / S4).
  2. The index pin can be extended (S1) to index the pallet. The position is reached if the stop unit is in its final position, the pallet is present and the locator pin is fully extended. (S4 / S5 / S3).

Locate Electrical Installation


Sensors have to be installed in the provided brackets. The wires have to be protected against chafing and secured against unintentional removal. Please pay attention to the correct switching distance and the right sensor size.
The controls, the sensors and the used logic can influence the function of the Pallet Locate Unit tremendously. This is the responsibility of the operating company if the controls haven’t been provided by LOGOMAT.
The stop unit used in the respective configuration has to be connected electrically according to the LOGO!MAT Stop Unit documentation.
In projects or situations where LOGO!MAT ITB Controls haven’t been purchased it must be noted that they are...

Locate Electrical Installation

To install the Locate Unit into a LOGO!MAT Roller Conveyor, please proceed as follows:
  1. Mark the intended installation area and adjust the roller locations to allow the required opening if necessary. Stub rollers should only be used if no other configuration of full rollers is possible. Please see the details about changing rollers in the documentation of the "Roller Conveyor".
    The additional rollers or stub rollers are not scope of supply. The required rollers have to be ordered separately if an additional Locate Unit has to be installed.
  2. Install the Stop Unit at the desired / required location within the roller conveyor. Please see the detailed information for the installation of the stop unit...

  3. Locate Mechanical Installation Step3

  4. Locate Mechanical Installation Step7

LOGO!MAT Pallet Locate Unit, L - Series
LOGOMAT automation systems, Inc.

Manufacturer Item No.:
Please see the project related parts list

Aluminum, hardened steel

Operating filtered air pressure
4-6 bar

Pneumatic components:
5/2 solenoid valve for dual operation of the index pin (required)

Electrical components:
Sensors index pin up / down (required): 2 x inductive sensors 8 mm with cable directly attached (e.g. BES M08MI-PSC20B-BP00, 2-GS04) - Switching distance at least 2 mm


The Diverter / Junction arm does not move.

Root Cause:
The cylinder doesn’t work
Remedial Action:
Check the valves and the controls
Root Cause:
The compressed air supply failed
Remedial Action:
Reset and restore the compressed air supply
Root Cause:
The sensors are not adjusted or not connected
Remedial Action:
Connect the sensors; re-adjust the sensors if required
Root Cause:
The drive motor is defective (only with electrical diverter)
Remedial Action:
Change the drive motor
Root Cause:
The drive motor is not controlled (only with electrical diverter)
Remedial Action:
Check the controls of the drive motor

To change the drive motor, please proceed as follows:
  1. Disconnect the electrical and pneumatic supply of the entire conveyor system and secure against reconnection.
  2. Remove the safety cover of the rotation unit to get free access to the drive unit.
  3. Dismount the entire motor retaining plate, where the drive motor is installed on, and remove it downwards carefully.
  4. Remove the four mounting bolts of the drive motor.
  5. Remove the set screw, which secures the sprocket on the motor shaft.
  6. Pull down and remove the sprocket from the motor shaft with suitable tools.
  7. Install the new drive motor in reverse order.
    It is essential to make sure that the main gear sprocket and the one on the motor shaft are...
Diverter Junction Changing drive motor 1
Diverter Junction Changing drive motor 2

To change the diverter / junction arm, please proceed as follows:
  1. Disconnect the electrical and pneumatic supply of the entire conveyor system and secure against reconnection.
  2. Open the Diverter arm half (45°) manually.
  3. Remove the mounting bolts of the upper gusset plate to the top rail extrusion. Remove the entire rotation unit and place it on a secure surface / base.
  4. Remove the remaining three bolts of the upper gusset plate to get free access to the Diverter / Junction arm.
  5. Remove the three mounting bolts of the Diverter / Junction arm and remove the arm upwards.
  6. Install the new Diverter or Junction arm in reverse order. Please pay attention to the correct position of the arm and the...
Diverter Junction Changing arm 1
Diverter Junction Changing arm 2