E-CART Track Rotate

E-CART Track Rotate (10)

The installation and the setup of the Track Rotate is very important for a smooth operation with a low rotation force and a good transition to and from the rotate. The leveling and aligning process takes some time but the conveyor shouldn’t be put in production unless it is properly installed and functioning perfectly.
To install the Track Rotate, please proceed as follows:
  1. Disconnect the power supply and prevent it from being switched on by any other person.
  2. Set up the adjoining conveyor tracks according to the project layout.
  3. Raise the feet of the outer support ring so that the rotate sits just on the feet of the center bearing.
  4. Adjust and align the height of the conveyor tracks to...

    E CART Track Rotate Mechanical installation

The shot pin unit can be replaced by the operating company. Please follow the steps below:
  1. Disconnect the power supply and the air supply and prevent it from being switched on by any other person.

    E CART Track Rotate Replacing shot pin 1

  2. Remove the five mounting bolts of the shot pin base plate and lift the entire unit out of the Rotate.

    E CART Track Rotate Replacing shot pin 2

  3. Disconnect the pneumatic tubes and the sensors and mark their locations so that you can connect them in the same way to the new shot pin.
  4. Take the four mounting bolts for the shot pin off and remove the entire unit.
  5. Install the new shot pin in reverse order and make sure that the sensor switching distance is adjusted correctly and the hoses are connected in the correct way.
  6. Test the function...

The friction clutch is a safety element and has to be adjusted properly for the operator's safety. It gets preconfigured by LOGOMAT automation systems, Inc. before delivery. If further adjustments are necessary, please check first the operating requirements. Overstressing (or -loading) should be avoided in any case.
The safety clutch is not infinitely variable. It should be adjusted loosely enough so that the operator is able to stop the Track Rotate during rotation without excessive force, but not loose enough to stall when the shot pin gets pushed in at the ramps.
You can find more information in the documentation of the manufacturer of the friction clutch.
The friction clutch of the...

  1. E CART Track Rotate Adjust friction clutch 1

  2. E CART Track Rotate Adjust friction clutch 2

  3. E CART Track Rotate Adjust friction clutch 3

Electrical voltage warning: The entire system has to be de-energized before performing the following work.
The drive motor of the Track Rotate can be replaced by the operating company. Please follow the instructions below:
  1. Disconnect the power supply and prevent it from being switched on by any other person.

    E CART Track Rotate Replacing drive motor 1

  2. Remove the four mounting bolts of the drive motor attachment plate and lift the motor, including the mounting plate off the rest of the drive station.

    E CART Track Rotate Replacing drive motor 2

  3. Loosen the set screw of the interface plate and take it off the drive shaft with a sufficient tool.

    E CART Track Rotate Replacing drive motor 3

  4. Loosen the motor mounting bolts and take the mounting plate off the drive motor.

    E CART Track Rotate Replacing drive motor 4

  5. Disconnect the drive motor electrically.
  6. Install...

All LOGO!MAT Components are developed to make very little preservative maintenance neces-sary but all components will last way longer if the following tasks get do in the shown intervals. The maintenance and inspection work listed below is to be carried out at the listed intervals to keep the warranty and to follow up constantly if the LOGO!MAT Component is working well. Any defects found must be documented and fixed before operating again. All time specifications are based on single-shift operations.

With an interval of one (1) month the following preservative maintenance should be carried out:
  1. Check all parts of wear and damage.
  2. Clean the unit if necessary.
  3. Visual check of the unit for damages...

All pneumatic pipes are included and installed in the E-CART Track Rotate if the ITB Controls concept is used. The pneumatic hoses are labeled and have to be brought to the correct ITB Controller and the designated valve outputs.

The operating pressure has to be between 4 and 6 bar.

Do not operate the shot pin if the mechanical locking pin is engaged. The shot pin can be damaged.

In general all required sensors are installed for the complete function of the E-CART Track Rotate with the LOGO!MAT ITB. The controls of the sensors and the used logic can influence the function of the Track Rotate greatly. This is the responsibility of the operating company.

Settings and adjustments at the LOGO!MAT ITB have to be done by authorized, qualified LOGOMAT personnel only.
Adjustments on the frequency converter have to be done according to the manual of the manufacturer.
LOGOMAT automation systems, Inc. does not assume any liability and / or warranty for damages on the E-CART and Track Rotate, which were caused by changing the settings at the LOGO!MAT ITB and frequency converter.


The Track Rotate stalles under full load

Root Cause:
The Rotate is not aligned correctly and the weight is not taken by the center bearing
Remedial Action:
Align the Rotate so that it spins manually easily. The weight needs to be taken by the center bearing.
Root Cause:
Something blocks the rotation
Remedial Action:
Check the cable track to work properly and make sure that the Rotate turns freely without high friction.
Root Cause:
Friction clutch is set too weak
Remedial Action:
Adjust or replace the friction clutch
Root Cause:
Shot pin doesn’t release

LOGO!MAT E-CART Track Rotate

LOGOMAT automation systems, Inc.

Manufacturer Item No.:

Aluminium, steel, zinced and powder-coated sheet metal

Operating filtered air pressure:
4-6 bar
Bore and stroke of shot pin:
Bore diameter: 40 mm - Stroke: 21 mm

Pneumatic port size:
air connection for locking pin: G 1/8

Pneumatic components:
5/2 solenoid valve for the control of the locking pin (not included)

Electrical components:
Three-phase AC motor: 460 V/60Hz
Frequency converter: 460 V
Power rail for drive motor: 48 V, 7 A
Power rail for auxiliary power: optional

Sensors inductive for the locking pin: 2x M8x1
Rotation postion: 2x M12x1...